Forms Policy

In our ongoing effort to provide quality service to our patients, the Physicians of the Institute for Asthma & Allergy are happy to complete your various forms for Schools, Camps, Disabilities, Medications, Special needs etc.

Due to the amount of time and cost associated with the completion of these forms the Institute’s charge for completion of one form is $10 per person/per form.

If you have not been seen by your physician for an office visit within the last 12 months you will need an appointment to have the forms completed.

If there are changes in your health status since your last visit you must make an appointment to have the forms completed.

We do not have all required school forms in our office so please remember to bring your forms with you.

When dropping your forms off for completion please complete as much of the form as possible. Please remember to include all medications with their current strength as well as signatures and dates that are appropriate. If there are special instructions please leave those instructions as well.

The form completion charge is not covered by your insurance plan therefore payment is expected at the time the form is presented to our office.

Please allow 48 hours for forms to be completed and remember to have your name and all demographic information completed as well as any special instructions attached to the form.

Thank You

The Physicians and Management